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Babaji's system of Karma Yoga in combination with japa is the most effective system to enter a status of happiness. Together with Them, guided and initiated by Them you can participate in endless happiness and give this around. The circle is God and You and All. Babaji's devotees have the duty to spread this around, this message of BE HAPPY including the ingredients for a tasty and funky life for and with the world.

Act up for Life, for Truth, for Sri Babaji and His message.

In these dark times of Kali Yuga this is the way out.

Kill the negativity and establish good and so GOD.

You have many chances in Your life and these chances are coming again and again. The Grace of God give these chances for every human being on tHIS planet and in endless rebirths souls are guided by The Divine Power to their self discovering, to their self realisation, to be what you are. To be what you are is the most simple and most enthusiastic "game" you can load on your life-programm, you life as a game boy, because life is a game and of cousre this is also for girls ...

Also I got chances from The Divines and my way of life guided me one day to Haidakhan Vishwa Mahadham, hometown of Lord Shiva, Sri Sri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba, Babaji. On the way to Haidakhan I went into a shop in Haldwani and met Lord Dattatreya, Sri Maha Muniraj, who left few weeks ago His Divine body and entered the state of being universal and going on to teach His chelas.

I am chela of Sri Munirajji and this was the chance in my life, the jackpot, the ultimative bliss. He showed me in an adventurous way what's going on in my heart, the bottom of my self. Sri Maha Muniraj was space pure, He had so much humor and the lightness of enlightment. His walking was like dancing Lord Shiva's dance of life. He was His machine on Earth and our example for Babaji's vision of being human.

Whatever He said were His words and whatever He did where His system of Truth, Simplicity and Love. The Divine Trinity for a happy life. To live a happy life and to show and to teach to live a happy life was our "business" in my life. He promised me to teach me to be ALWAYS happy and he did a gracious and lovely act to calm down this Punk, this (naughty) Lal Baba, me.

He killed me three times and outet this unnecessary game of "being" so much, that this being has no chance anymore to exist. Outed and blamed it went away and hopefully disappeared forever.

From time to time it's coming back and try to get the leadership again, but also here the Guru's Grace is helping to out and out and out again the virus of our society, the ego.

I didn't know where I went when I entered this shop in Haldwani and I didn't know that this will be my safetybelt for the ride on the ocean of life. I didn't know that Love is so sweet and getting free can be so funny and magic. His guidance was wonderful and together with Sri Sri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba I went through a Divine movie in coming back to home, to me.

But the travel is not over now, there is no end in this ride on cloud no. 1008. Life is a permanent phonetalk with The Divines and a nonstop connection with the source of life energy. Having Gurus is to be connected with the point in the middle of the spring. The water coming out of Lord Shiva's head, the Ganga is creating the pearls and there shining shows you a way beyond I and My. Sri Sri Mahaprabhuji and Sri Munirajji are heart opener.

If you connect one time you are connected forever. Gurus are present in their energy, it doesn'r depend on their body. The body comes one time to show you a show which your mind can catch. And then they show you their space ...

If you like mor epersonal experience read this:

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Your Heart is the Maharaja Lounge of God.
Devotees of Babaji have Abhaya Dhan.
We are safetly guided to heaven.
Heaven is here and now.
Om Namah Shivay.