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Bhole Baba ki Jai !!!

WelcOMe Sisters and Brothers to Anandpuri Ashram, where we will celebrate Ashvin Navratri of the year 2068 according to the Vedic calender.

With great pleasure we experience the presence of Sri Muniraj in our midth, the binding factor in our Bhole Baba family.

It is a great blessing that He will now guide us into the first Havan of this nine day Yagya to the source of our whole universe, the Divine Mothger Durga and to The Lord of Lord's Sri Sri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba. Sri Maya Patti Acharya and Vinod Shastri will be reciting the Havan Mantras and Slokas to call on the Divine to collect our offerings. All forms in this universe are from the Divine Mother as all came forth from Her and Her alone Brothers and Sisters.

In ancient times the Rishis have created a system for humanity so She, The Divine Mother can always be worshipped and remembered properly in this ever more complicate life. In Sanatan Dharma the absolute Divine Mother is named Sri Durga Devi. She inturn has devided Herself again in three major forms know, as Kali, Lakshmi, Sarasvati. They again have devided again in three forms which we will worship at Navratri, one by one, day by day. Worship of the true nature of Life itself is what is happening here. Today we are adressing Durga Devi in the form of Shailputri. What a great blessing that you find yourself here on the first day. You may think you are here because of your planning or your desire but it has been lifetimes of various experience and the wish of the Divine itself which made you came here now on this ospicious mOMent in tHis holy place. So take this great opportunity with both hands and follow this complete programm to take full benefit of your invitation. Do not get distructed by all the stories of like and dislike which circle in our mind and keep your concentration on the Divine by repeating the holy name, by being present at all the pujas. Sing the devotional Bhjajns which open your heart and purify the mind. Make the very best of this Divine invitation, uplift yourself out of the burden of our daily life, the pressure of our mental habbits and experience Divine harmony here and now.


Durgamaya ki JAI

Sri Muniraj Maharaj ki JAI

Sri Raghuvir speaking at the beginning at the first Havan:



INDIAN TIME 5 in the morning for joining the Himalayaview and the Kirtan ...

Good night frOM Anandpuri Ashram Chilianaula. is inviting you to join the second day of Navratri and this will start with a


here frOM Chilianaula at INDIAN TIME 5 in the morning ... You are invited to see the Himalaya view with the rising sun and Your Gurubhais are singing Kirtan, Sri Guru Muniraj is giving Chandan and later Sri Pujari from Holland . All the others will create the Divine Festival with their presence of their souls and the work of their hands to fulfill the Honoring of The Divine Glory


stay tuned

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