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Bhole Baba ki JAI

Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters to Anandpuri Dham where we will celebrate Ashvin Navratri 2070 according to the vedic calendar. Our chairman Sri Alok Banerjee will soon start the first Havan on the nine day Yagna offered to the Glory of the powerful Dine Mother Durga and to our great and beloved teacher Sri Sri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba.

Sri Maya Pati and Vinod Acharya will be reciting the Havan Mantras and Slokas to invite the various forms of The Divine. Today there is a new moon on the rise. With a waxing moon the power of all nature of which we humans are part is increasing. This is why we always start Navratri at the new moon. The wind of change is blowing all over the world and so it does in our small world of Bhole Baba family. Change is the law of the universe and nothing can stop it. Lord Shiva is the Lord of creation and destruction and thus Babaji spoke: "I build and I destroy."

We are but merely His instruments in His universal play. Sri Babaji has come to offer us a wonderful opportunity to lead us from darkness to light. He is the great Sadguru, the teacher of teachers, whose teachings are not easy to understand for us common devotees. His interest is not primarely in the structures which have been created in His name. He is interested in You Brothers and Sisters and that is why you are here. He wants you to grow spiritually, towards to the Divine Light, to watch Him. Challenges are always many and also here the air is filled with confusion and fear, it is filled with duality where opposites norture each other and conflict thrives. You have not come here for this Brothers and Sisters this is not where you can find The Divine Harmony you've come to seek.

So do not participate in that have no fear and keep your focus on The Divine in Your heart. Sri Babaji is teaching us here to be a witness in His enormous Leela rather than a participant in this world of duality.  You may feel powerless in this Leela but truely the choice lies with you always to participate or not. Are we spending our time in being focussed on His Divine Light or are we gossipping and judging others. Are we serving others or are we creating trouble for others. We have had years of Teaching of Sri Babaji and Sri Muniraj and now the choice is yours you want to be happy or do you want to suffer. It is Navratri Brothers and Sisters to celebrate the Divine Mother's presence and bring Her greatness back to our consciousness. Don't let nothing come in Your way to spoil this glorious fact.

Durga Maya ki JAI

Bhole Baba ki JAI

Sri Muniraj Maharaj ki JAI

today we pray Durga Ma in Her form Shailaputri






Enjoy the photoblogs and the daily livestreams of The Ramayana by the Vrindavan Saddhus and than the Yagna. livestream also from the evening Aartis.

Bhole Baba ki Jai

Praise The Lord at Anandpuri Ashram as we have entered the 2nd day of this Ashvin Navratri. Let us give our support to our chairman Sri Alok Banerjee as He is about to lead us into the 2nd Havan of the nine day Yagna dedicated to the source of all forms, The Divine Mother Durga and to our personal benefactor Sri Sri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba. Sri Maya Pati and Vinod Acharya will be reciting the Havan Mantras and Slokas. We will pray today to Durga Devi today in Her form of Bramacharini. Praying is like talking to God well mediation is like listening to God. If we are strongly focussed on God in our prayers, Sapta Sati reading or japa the mind and heart are in line and The Divine presence in our hearts ignites and expanse. Durng Navratri celebrations at Babajis Ashram with all these prayers this Divine presence becomes so easily tangible if one is focussed there. Silent mediation i not so easy and requires ardent practise. At first and this can be for a long time one only becomes aware of the millions of spots racing through our head and a peaceful mind seems more fare than ever. with great awareness and sincere effort it will surely bare fruit and these fruits are sweeter than anything this world can offer us. It is somewhat simular with our human interaction. If we speak sincerely with Love and respect to each other the response will mostly be likewise. If we are harsh or selfish the interaction goes nowhere and the response will be negative. If we can truly listen to our fellow human being and sincerely try to understand what moves him or her a deep connection takes place and generally love arises. We know that all humans carry The Divine in their hearts even the worst person in this world. this is the truth. so here where we all have Bhole Baba in our hearts it should be easy to have wonderful interactions and be good human beings as Babaji has asked from us. Our mind filled with me and mine, fears and greed will try to overshadow that Divine spark we have in our hearts. It takes all our effort and Hoshaar Sahdahan, be very aware and attentive of this process in our mind. All wars of past present and future are happening primarily in our mind. Be aware of this process and enjoy The Divine presence in your heart and it will surely reflect in our perception of the world around us.




Today the speech

made by Sandeep:

Bhole Baba ki Jai

Dear Brothers and Sisters, as we enter the third day of the Ashvin Navratri in Chilianaula, we all can feel the Divine energy taking us higher, thanking the omnipresent Babaji for opening our hearts to the receive the Divine Nectar He has to offer, come forward and pray as Bhakti is a essential for everybody however strong the individual efforts may be, it is impossible to completely erradicate the subtle wrong in the mind in form of lust, anger, jealousy pride or greed without the help of Divine Grace of the Lord or the Guru.

Approach the Lord with sarva bhav, with all your heart, mind and soul, with your whole being, do not keep any reservation, the mind, chitt and intellect should all agree to surrender wholly, you will be supremely blessed, you will obtain His Grace.

Now our chairman Sri Alok Banerjee is about initiate the sacred havan, today we worship The Mother in form of Chandaghanta. Sri Maya Pati Acharya and His subordinate Sri Vinod Shastri shall sing the Sanskrit Mantras and Shlokas to invoke the energy.


Welcome to the new arrivals as we are now in the 4th day in the Ashvin Navratri in Anandpuri Dham. Shortly Sri Alok Banerjee will guide us into the 4th havan of the nine day yagna dedicated to our benevolent Divine Mother Durga and to our light in the darkness Sri Sri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba.

Sri Maya Pati Acharya aided by the young Acharya Vinod will be rectiing the Havan Mantras and Shlokas. Today we will worship Durga Devi in Her form of Kushmanda. Kushmanda is a form of Mother Kali who brings happiness. We can all use a shower of happiness in this confusing period. But let us pray to Kushmanda to send much happiness to our dear Brother Karkhu

Anand who is celebrating His 60th Birthday today. He would have loved to spend this day with us here but was not able to do so.

A highly important ritual also happening at Navratri is the reading of the Sri Mad Devi Bhagvat by Sri Maya Pati Acharya between 4 and 6 in the afternoon. In this holy book written by great seers in ancient times. It speaks of various forms of The Divine Mother and all sorts of various demons who go to war with them. At first it may appear a creation of an unlimited phantasy. On a closer look however and particularly with the expanation of Maya Pati Acharya and the translations of Rai Das Baba a new world of understanding of our very own being opens up. The Goddesses and Demons become universal forces of which we are subject throughout our life. It is written in  a language to be understood through many cycles of time for all levels of understanding and intelleigence. At this point in time we can understand, if we are interested, how we are pulled by positive and negative forces continiously and coloured by our carmic destiny our lives take shape. Most of this plays out unconsciously for us and therefore the guidance of our beloved Guru Babaji, being present at spiritual events, continious personal practise and awareness in our actions and our thoughts is enormously uplifting and makes life real and worth living with what ever may come our way. These practises may not neccesarly change the events we encounter in our lives but with the increasing understanding of the deeper nature of life we may become stronger and wiser and with Divine Grace to handle what unfolds on our path. So, Brothers and Sisters go to the wise and learn and enjoy expanded consciousness.

Sri Durga Devi ki JAI

Jai Jagat Guru Sri Haidakandi Bhagwan ki JAI

Sri Sri Muniraj Maharaj ki JAI

Bhole Baba ki JAI

May our devotion flower Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters for we have reached the 5th day of Navratri here in The Himalaya at Anandpuri Ashram. Our chairman of The Samaj Sri Alok Banerjee is going to start the 5th havan of the 9 day Yagna deidicated to only universal force TheDivine Mother Durga and to the universal Teacher Sri Sri 1008 Haidakahn Wale Baba.

Sri Maya Pati and Vinod Acharya are invocing the Divine with the reciples of the Havan Mantras and Shlokas. Today we are praying to Durga Devi in Her form of Skandamata. The leaf has broken off the tree, the wind is carrying it away. Who knows where it will land. These were the last words Sri Babaji spoke to Vishnu Dat Shastri. He understood only a few weeks later when the nes of Babajis Samadhi came the meaning of it. Many Gurus share their insights with inspirational spiritual truth in fairly easy understandable language.

With Babaji being the universal teacher His profound teachings are not so easy to understand and without deep contemplation leaves ample space for interpretation according personal taste. For some truth is what is, for others truth is never to speak untruth and for others again straight out lying is a variation of their truth. Likewise with simplicity can be seen to live a very barren life with no means of comfort and for somebody else may see it as a straight forwardness without complicated mental concepts in one's actions. Here also many variations possible.

The concept of love can range from open hearted unconditional love for humanity where one sees The Divine in everybody and evrything to one pointed physical sex and countless variations in between. The human mind has no limit and honest deep contemplation is highly required for a searching soul on the path. Today the elders and the wise of Bhole Baba's family will gather after Havan to discuss the progress and difficulties at hand which we as a family and an organisation presently face. A great responsibility as it carries Bhole Baba's name and it inlvolves the devotion of thousands of devotees worldwide who have their heart invested in Bhole Baba's family.

Will the wise take inspiration from The Divine? Will the powerfull takeinspiration from the wise? Will faith and courage determine the actions taken? Let us pray for Bhole Baba's guidance for the leave is blowing in the wind who knows where it will land.




Bhole Baba ki Jai

Your faith has brought you here to Anandpuri Ashram Brothers and Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen where we are now on the 6th day of Navratri. Our chairman Sri Laok Banerjee who is fulfilling his considerable task so nicely will now lead us into the 6th Havan of the nine day Yagna to pay hommage to all prevating Divine Mother Durga and also to the one who adorns our heart Sri Sri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba. Sri Maya Pati and Vinao Acharya are going to trecite the Havan Mantras and Shlokas. Todas we will worship Durga Devi in Her form of Katyaayani. Sri Babaji said HAVE FAITH, EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON FAITH. Have faith when you place your prayers at Sri Babaji's Lotus Feet that He hears your prayers. Have no doubt when Your are not answered in the way that you would like. Babaji said NEVER DOUBT MY LOVE WHEN I SEND YOU CHALLENGES AND TESTS WHETER INSIDE OR IN THE OUTSIDE WORLD BECAUSE EVERYTHING IS FOR YOUR HIGHEST GOOD AND YOUR INNER GROWTH. Your faith and the power of your one pointed prayer creats a vessile in which you can sail over the ocean of the misery of life. Doubt is a very tricky weapon of the ego, it always strikes on  a moment of weakness and turmoil. Babaji promised us when we have courage and are ready to pass through fire or face death MY BLESSINGS HAVE NO END. If we understand and believe the words we sing in the Aarti than we as His devotees should have faith that anything what may rise or fall around us in our life is His work, His breath of creation and destruction. Focus on Him The Lord of Lords and there is no place for worry or doubt for He is always there ready to pull you into His heart. In Yesterday's meeting facts were uttered and cries were heared. Let us pray that the action which will be taken will be guided by Babaji and worthy of carrying His name. Whatever the future may be like itis Your faith that will give you the strength to pass through whatever happens in your life. This is your life Brothers and Sisters and yoi have arrived at the feet of The Lord of the universe, there is only reason for joy. It all depends on Your faith and in Your practice to strengthen it.


Bhole Baba ki JAI

Celebrating The Divine Mother on Saptami, the 7th day of Navratri Brothers and Sisters Ladies + Gentlemen at Anandpuri Ashram. In the unfortuante absence of our chairman the honourable Dr. Arvin Lal will now perform the 7th Havan of the 9 day Yagna dedicated to the compassinate Divine Mother Durga and to the sweet Lord of Haidakhan Sri Sri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba.

Sri Maya Pati and Vinod Achary are reciting the Havan Mantras and Shlokas in Sanskrit to call the various aspects of The Divine to collect the offerings. We are worshipping Durga Devi in Her form of Kalraatri today. Worshipping The Divine Mother the source of all there is Brothers and Sisters.

It has taken us many thousands of years evovling through countless of insentient and sentient forms to arrive in a human form.

Oh Ma here we have come knocking at your door, looking for your grace, stumbling around in darkness. Through the wheel of Maya dipped in ignorance absorbed in the fleeting matters of our present life. Oh supreme Devi we have forgotten that you are our true Father and Mother, the true source of all and do not even know how to worship you properly. By the grace of your most beautiful manifestations of Sri Munindra Bhagwan and Bhole Baba we are guided here and do the little worship that we are doing. Have compassion on us beloved Mother  for even after the best guidance you gave us our actions are riddled with mistakes and impurities.

Oh radiant one who has guided us this fare do not stop here and lift us up into higher consciousness and we may do your worship properly one day.

Bring us to a height where we dedicate not only a Puja and a Havan sometimesto your infenite Glory but even every action we may undertake and make our lives worth living.

Oh Ma listen to our plea and shower your unconditional love on your lost children here. Please wake us up beloved Mother and guide us home for we have been away much too long. Oh compassionate one we are knocking at your door.

Sri Durga Devi ki Jai

Sri Kali Mata ki Jai

Sri Lakshmi Mata ki Jai

Sri Sarasvati Mata ki Jai

Sri Munindra Bhagwan ki JAI

Bhole Baba ki Jai

Bhole Baba ki Jai

A beautiful day at Anandpuri Ashram, it is Ashtami Brothers and Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen and we are on the 8day of this Navratri. Our chairman Sri Alok Banerjee is standing tall again in our midst after a small break in wellness and wiull now initiate the 8 havan of the 9 day yagna dedicated to the glorious omnipotent Divine Mother Durga and to the Sadguru Sri Sri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba.

Our highly trained Sri Maya Pati and Vinod Acharya are creating a vibrational feel with their Sanskrit recitals of the Havan Mantras where the various froms of The Divine will dwell amongst us and collect the offerings. On this glorious day we will worship Durga Devi in Her form Of Mahagauri, the demons slayer.

We find ourselves gathered again around this holy fire place at the foot of a whit marble shining temple in The Himalaya. This white pwer house has drawn people from all over the world and is a majestic symbol of Sri Maha Munirajji's deep devotion for Babaji. For so many of us in this place we have been able to connect deepla and celebrate the Divine.

Sri Munirajji's deep devotion and peerless seva to Babaji and His devotees has and still very important for many of us. He left us so much. Trailing in His greatness came also an ernormous blood line, the Kuwarbi clan which we can see so very well presented today. For them haveing such a great soul as a brothe, a father, grandfather, uncle etc. must not always have been such a pleasure in passed years. As Muniraj was the head of this family He was often needed as a father or an elder brother for His guidance and wise advise on family affairs. As He was totally absorbed in His love and devotion for Babaji and focussed mainly there some must have suffered  His absence in the family affairs. It was not really in Munirajji's hand as He was called by the Divine to perform a big important task involving a very large worldwide Bhole Baba family. It was not really His choice, He was called by Babaji.  Ashtami is since long the favourite day of the Kuwarbis to be present here.

On this day  durga Devi in Her form Of Mahagauri slays the most powerful demon Mahi Sashur which represents our ego. This ego we all have prevents us from experiencing our unity with the Divine but also unity between brothers, between children, between family members, between devotees, between races and nations. In short we can not experience unity with ourselves. Now we have gathered around this powerful holy fire of transformation and from all of us our focus is extremely important to experience this unity of the Kuwarbis or Bhole Baba 's family or as a human being one with creation. Now You have the blessings of Maha Gauri and Bhole Baba but in future days our ego will surely slip in and our concentration may be more on the differences than on what unites us. Remember this very moment in time that this monent is Divine and God sent, this is real and truth. No Brothers and Sisters that differences are a product of ego and are the course of our suffering. Happiness is incoming together as a family, as devotees as ourselves and the Divine. This was always Sri Munirajji's work and it is the most honourable thing to do for our Guru, Brother and Father and it will make you all very very happy.

Bhole Baba ki Jai

Mahagauri ki Jai

Sri Muniraj Mahraj ki jai

Kuwarbi family ki jai


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Bhole Baba ki JAI

Congratulations Brothers and Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen for it is Naumi, the nine day of Ashvin Navratri 2070 according to The Vedic calendar and this Divine festival is completed today. Fully restored our Samaj' chairman Sri Alok Banerjee will now preside over the Poornahooti, the nineth Havan of the nine day Yagna dedicated to the splendarous omnipresent Divine Mother Durga and to our beloved Babaji Sri Sri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba. Having completed successfully the Sri Ma Bhagvat Sri Maya Pati Acharya together with Vinod Acharya will be reciting the Sanskrit Havan mantras for the last Havan. Today we worship Durga Devi in Her form of Siddhidatri the boon giving form of The Divine.

You have done your 9 days of penance, of fasting, of service, of dedication to The Divine Mother and on this day you recieve the blessings and She fulfill your desires. It may not always come in the the shape we are expecting for our Teacher to whom we are surrendering is Munindra Bhagwan and His interest is not in making your life fluffy and comfortable. His Divine Lordship is working at your liberation, the ultimate goal of your soul. To say it in Babaji's words:


Now all is spoken and done and we are filled with blessings. It is your responsibility to share these blessings with the rest of the world wherever you go. Be an instrument of the unconditional Love of The Divine, focus more on giving than on recieving, on understanding than on being understood and if your pride turns into humility The Divine will shine forth from you. Thank you all for coming and dedictaing yourself to making it all work in being together here. Travel safely to your next destination and abide in peace.


The speach of today went into the endless wide world web and is disappeared 4ever. Our Vinod Achary Shastriji has birthday today and the holy festival is absolutely finished and hopefully we are all happy happy happy ...

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