Weather (actual weather and forecast)

january, february:          (very) cold

march, april:                   fresh

mai, june:                       nice

july, august:                   monsoon, very weat and warm up to fresh

september october:       end monsoon, nice, fresh, (little) cold

november, december:   cold

There is a Money  ATM directly at the ashram

Please check with your bank that your card is "free for Asia"

otherwise credit-cards are working.

The Ashram is an Indian monastery and the rules for clothes

are based on the Hindu tradition. Hindus cover more then they show.

For this choose the right clothes, thin for sommer, thick and warm for winter

Soon the ashram will offer wi-fi, w-lan.

Mobile internet is possible, ask for local "what's going's"

Sim-cards you can get in Ranikhet or Chilianaula also.

We wish you a blissfull stay in Anandpuri Ashram Chilianaula

-There are different type of Visa available to enter the magic country India.

check out in the web for infos and Visa forms at your country's embassy.

Here are some infos.

-Money is easy to get in India, there are thousands of ATM money machines

in many cities and towns. Please ask your bank if your card is working in India.

These cards offer a quite good bank-rate for exchange.

-On the airport you should only change little ammount of money

because there the rate is not so good. In Delhi or big cities there

are money changers everywhere. Be careful !!!

-Hotels are of course many in Delhi.

We suggest "Master Paying Guest-house"

They can help special first time travellers much.


-All travel-arrangements can be made be a nice local

Indian company here from Chilianaula/Ranikhet

 Swastik travellers group • Mr. Khajan Joshi

email: khajan8@gmail.com

phone: +91 8006236111



-Please check out an adapter for your electric machines.

Sim-Cards for mobile phone and internet are available in india,

telephone sim-card you should not buy in Delhi because of roaming.

Very usable are a torch and a little electric water-cooker.


your travel

to India:


From Delhi there are 3 type of trains available,.

There is a night train and day train and a morning train.

reservations are necessary. They can be done

on the New-Delhi Railway Station or via

Mr. Khajan Joshi (train+taxi): +91 8006236111

Taxis are also available.

The rate to Haldwani is around 8500 Indian Rupees (INR)

The rate to Chilianaula from Delhi is around 10.000 INR

Raju (taxi): +91 9837213903

You can also go with bus. There are simple and deluxe,

quick ones and very quick ones available in Delhi.

Money better don't change on the airport.

You can change in banks, and with "money changers"

With money changers be careful, they give also "wrong" money.

Also ATM-Bankomat are many many in Delhi and India, one is

very close to the Chilianaula Ashram.


We suggest a clean Hotel "Nanak" ( +91 5946 252388)

There are also cheaper and more expensive ones in Haldwani

The taxi driver to Haidakhan and Chilianaula is Gopal.

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/gopal.bisht.798

phone:  +91 9411777197

email:  gopalbisht2802@gmail.com

In Haldwani it is still possible to visit Sri Muniraji's house

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