In the north of India, in the Kumaon area, the prehills of the world famous Himalayas is a manifestation of Devotion to Babaji now seeable for everybody. In the history of holy stories about this place is written already in "The Autobiography of a Yogi" about a castle which manifested in one night and many years ago Sri Sri 1008 Haidakhan Wale Baba iniated the building of a huge Ashram: Anandpuri. Sri Sri Maha Muniraj was born here and gave the land and all His money to fulfill this manifestation of Love to His Guru Sri Sri Mahaprabhuji, Babaji.

In autumn here is a big festival for The Divine Mother, called Navratri and hundreds of people are coming to celebrate the Haidakhaneshvari Ma and get the blessings of The Devi Durga. There is a big pyramide temple building with a Kirtanhall and closed by an Asrham with many rooms for all the Devotees built in an atrium style. There are also few other houses around, there is a Kutir for Babaji, an old one and a new one, there is a huge hospital on the Ashram area for many ill people who get free help here. Daily free eye operations are made from a doctor with His team and hundreds of eyes could be already repaired. A part of the Hospital building is now an ayurvedic clinic with the offering of Panch Karma treatments, which are very herlpfull. Legendary healing stories can be heared, the results are incredible.

The frame of all these buildings and activities is the area of Kumaon, a wonderful and beautiful mountain area with hills and valleys, with rivers and small villages, farmers and others are living here around and they all can see the beautiful panoRAMA of the highest mountains of the world in the different shadows of Mother Nature. Monkeys are now very populair here and they play with us. Lord Hanuman ist standing in front of the temple in big size, a big  nandi and two small ones are sitting also there and children like to play on them ...

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